Ordinary Folk 
Minima Manifesto

The great people at Ordinary Folk invited me to help them create this animated video for Minima, a blockchain company. It was a very different concept from what you usually see web3 companies doing, and I worked closely with AD Grace Pedersen to achieve the final look. This was a great opportunity to stretch some different muscles and experiment a bit. A super challenging and fun project!




Credits:Creative Direction: Jorge R. Canedo E.
Production: Stefan Green
Script: Julie Rybarczyk
Art Direction: Grace Pedersen

Animation Direction: Greg Stewart
Design: Gabriel Silveira, Grace Pedersen, Avikali Lomavatu, Lorena G.
Animation: Thiago Steka, Manuel Neto, Greg Stewart, José Peña, Victor Silva, Ricardo Drehmer, Taylor Peters

Character Animation: Manuel Neto, Reece Parker, Fhilipe Marimori, Bruno Mazilli, Ulisses Juca, Denise Bargos, Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer
Music & SFX: Ambrose Yu
Voice Over: John Light

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