My name is Gabriel Silveira, I'm a Brazilian freelance illustrator living in London. I've been an illustrator since 2006, working with editorial illustration, advertising, animation and branding. In my work I always try to think critically about my design decisions and constantly improve on my skills and creative approach to briefs. 
I like to say my work sits in between art and graphic design. I'm always looking for strong, graphic, stylized solutions for designs, while at the same time thinking about classic illustration concepts for gesture and compositions. I love drawing scenes with characters, and convey their stories and feelings through their actions and poses.
You can also find me reading some cool picture books for my son Pedro (and cooking, drawing, giving baths, generally running after, teaching him how exactly Spider-Man flexes his fingers to shoot webs, etc).
I've had the opportunity to work with some great people, companies and brands over the years. If you want to get in touch about a project, or just say hi, send me an email at gabriel@gabrielsilveira.com

My list of clients includes:
Google, Apple, ESPN, UEFA, Channel 4, Globo Networks, MTV Brazil, Steelseries, Wired Magazine (US, UK, DE and IT), The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, ESPN Magazine, Scientific American,Fast Company, Pacific Standard, Popular Mechanics, Field&Stream, BBC Science Focus, Money Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Nintendo Magazine
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