I was invited by the very cool people at Ordinary Folk to help them design their video for SAP along with
Stephen Kelleher, Nuria Boj and Haewon Shin. In this kind of project it's always interesting to see what animators come up with using your designs, and in this case I was BLOWN AWAY by what those guys did. You can see my style frames and the final video below.
Final Video

Creative Direction:
Jorge R. Canedo E.
Stefan Green
Stephen Kelleher, Gabriel Silveira, Nuria Boj, Haewon Shin
Greg Stewart, Ethan Demarest, Jonas Elsgaard, Victor Silva, Seth Eckert, Jose Peña, Jordan Bergren,
Taylor J. Peters, Jorge R. Canedo E., Ameen Shahid
Music & SFX:
Ambrose Yu
Megan Hensley
Julie Rybarczyk

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