This is a personal project based on Black Sabbath's "The Wizard", from their first record. There are a few theories about the lyrics, from the wizard being Gandalf to just being the band's drug dealer (which makes a lot of sense, actually). But I imagined him as this urban druid-like figure.
I always liked how the titular character's description contrasts with the melody. while Ozzy sings "He turns tears into joy / Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by", the rest of the band pretty much invents heavy metal in the background. I tried to capture this ambiguity by drawing him in this friendly stance with arms open, while also riding a giant menacing bat. I also tried to create a bit of contrast in the styles of the character and the bat
I started with a very loose sketch, trying to solve the compostition and convey the mood I had in mind. Then I proceeded to cleaning it up, defining the bat's anatomy better and detailing the wizard. At first I drew him holding a beer can, but in the final changed it to a harmonica, I think it gives a stronger connection to the song and also gives the character a certain Pied piper of Hameln vibe.

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