A couple of illustrations for Wired Germany's June '15 issue.
They accompany questions from the "Miss Know it All" section of the magazine.
First Question: "Cellphone sounds that are not shut down drive me crazy.
How can I discipline the user in a nice and socially acceptable way?"
Second Question: " I’ve signed myself out of Facebook and now I’m missing activities with my friends all the time. They say, that concerts and parties are planned on Facebook and that it’s my fault. Can I expect to get informed offline?"
For the first one, I knew I wanted the scene to be inside a subway car, but instead of drawing another passenger using his phone, I decided to draw him as an actual phone yelling out notification sounds. Kinda like he's a cell phone monster that roams the subway annoying people.
In the second, the problem was that the person was missing out on parties and events with her friends after signing out of Facebook. So I had this idea of having her old school investigating the place of the next party. To tie both illos together I followed the same perspective and color scheme

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