Illustrations for Outside Online about what happens to the human body during a 100 miles ultramarathon.
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I started out with a really rough and simple sketch, just to show the art director my idea and the composition for the main illustration. The main goal at this point was finding an angle that allowed me to show the internal organs while still conveying the guy was running and giving the illustration a sense of movement.
After the first rough was approved, I cleaned up while defining the runner's anatomy.
Then I proceeded to sketch the internal organs using the previous step as a base. I didn't want the cuts to be too literal, the guy could look like he had an autopsy done during the race, so I went with a very graphic solution, cutting out slices from the whole picture to show the underlying layers.
I went back a little on not wanting the cuts to be literal and added a bunch of veins flailing around, like his body was literally falling apart. I also added more graphic elements to add speed and movement to the piece.
Finally I took everything to Illustrator and defined all the elements, lines and shapes.
And then back to Photoshop for the final layer of finish, adding textures, depth and volume to the final illustration. 

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